Go2Edge description

The explosion of IoT and the emergence of the Tactile Internet will lead to notable changes both in the architectures of communications networks and in computing and storage resources, leading to high bandwidth infrastructures, low latency, high availability and high security. To meet this challenge, it is necessary to deploy new platforms that offer cloud-based services, but reducing the distance between the source of data and processing resources to a few tens of kilometers.

The Go2Edge thematic network is a multidisciplinary team of 15 entities that aims to combine the experience of these entities, coordinating research efforts and sharing results on technologies that bring computing and storage resources to the edge of the network. To this end, a multidisciplinary vision is developed with complementary capacities and diverse interests in the technologies involved in the work scenario:

  1. Distributed computing 
  2. Cloud and fog computing
  3. Communications networks
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Final applications for exploiting these technologies

The Go2Edge thematic network combines 11 groups from universities with high scientific productivity and participation in national and European R&D(+i) projects, a research centre closely related to the productive sector and technology transfer, two Spanish supercomputing centres and the National Cybersecurity Institute. The objective of Go2Edge is to foster cooperation, consolidate leadership in this area, promote joint activities, encourage the creation of consortia to participate in national and international calls and contribute to the advancement of knowledge, as well as the training of young researchers.